Custom-made lava furniture

Designer interior elements to buy in Italy

We are one of the largest Italian retailers and lava stone suppliers.
Luxurious, custom-made and out-of-the-ordinary products – this is what we are doing.
To add more, all our products are made of ecologically friendly material.
With a broad product range to explore and a rich palette of colors and styles, our portfolio is truly extensive.


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Lava stone tiles for sale

Lava stone is known for its smooth sawn effects with different angles as its holes and interstices are evenly distributed on the surface.
Alongside with color and elegant appearance, lava stone tiles are also slipped resistant and sound absorbing. Moreover, it’s of high hardness with microcrystalline texture. So it can be used not only in the interior of modern apartments but also in hotels, theaters, concert halls, etc. We offer an extensive palette of colors to meet every requirement. Our tiles will transform your ordinary space into an art object.

Designer lava furniture to buy in Italy

Our furniture and interior elements are elaborated in a high contemporary design.
Lava kitchen countertop is the best choice for your kitchen, offering a high level of durability and gorgeous looking.
Lava stone basins, worktops, and bar counters will be stylish decorations and unique objects in your apartments, looking smart.
To get rid of usual bathrooms, Ranieri Lava Stone glazed sinks, wash basins, bathtubs, floorings and wall claddings are unique pieces, fully customizable with gray and brown finishings, as well as through a huge range of enamels and color effects.
Lava stone is a not conventional stone: it can be gorgeous as a design surface, as it can be used as gray lava stone, brown lava stone, and enameled lava stone.
Our design lava stone bathroom will become a precious place in your home.
Our products are desirable complements to any contemporary interiors. Explore our portfolio online.

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