lava stone bathroom

The project of a bathroom fully conceived in lava stone enhances the true and pure structural and aesthetic qualities of the stone, revealed through the blending of Grey and Brown shades.

lava stone bathroom: the Brown and Grey lava stones
The Brown and Grey lava stones

In the words of designer Jeff Lamb, the project is “a collection of sculptural pieces that are related to the form and function of being human. A textural softness contrasting against the smoothness of the ordinary”.

lava stone bathroom: the shower claddings with natural lava stone tiles
the shower claddings with rough and honed Grey lava tiles and alternating reliefs

The gray lava collection is used for flooring and claddings, where the alternate use of rough and honed lava tiles gives a smooth gray tesselation.

lava stone bathroom: the brown bathtube
Brown lava stone bathtub

lava stone bathroom: washbasin

The twin washbasins and bathtub have been cut from single blocks of lava, processed using both mechanical carving and hand chiseling, where the smoothness of the shape is brought out by the warm tone of the brown honed lava stone.


 60x60cm tiles
 Collection: Grey
 Finishings: Rough | Honed | Anticata
sinkCaved stone wash basin leaned on ground
Collection: Brown
Finishing: Honed
h. 980 cm
Leaning surface 400x580 mm
170 kg weight
bathtubeBath made of monolithic block of lava stone
Collection: Brown
Finishing: Honed
Capacità 700 lt.
Weight 740 kg.
Leaning surface 2100 x 900 mm
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