Glazed Lava Finishes


Lava stone surfaces are multi-faceted and gorgeous materials for architecture and design applications, as they can be used in their natural gray & brown color, and as enameled stone.
This means that, together, natural and enameled lava stone surfaces open up a huge range of possibilities for interior design projects.

Our glazed lava stone comes in a wide range of pastel and crystalline colors, which we have developed in recent years, while working with architects, designers and clients, who, like us, firmly believe in its potential.

A number of different enamel finishes and effects are available.
The most common effects are:


Glazed lava stone: craquelé


Glazed lava stone: matte


Glazed lava stone: glossy


Glazed lava stone: cristallo


Glazed lava stone: transparent


Glazed lava stone: metal


Glazed lava stone: metal

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