3D shaped tiles for desks and bar counters

3D shaped tiles: adding depth & texture with tiles

The 3D lava stone tile comes as a modular stone element which can be arranged in a variety of applications, as decorative walls, openings, architraves, bar counters, claddings, edges.
Our 3D tiles, in the gray or glazed version, reveals the charming beauty and mutable spirit of the volcanic stone, offering to the interior designers a trump card for their bespoke interior projects.

The 3D shaped tiles are a flagship application in our lava stone design production, representing one of the most involving challenges for our team, as for architects and designers working with us on stone design projects.
Our stone shaping expertise is relevant for many stone products, as it concerns i.e. corner details, countertop edges, sinks, decorative cladding for bar counters and reception desks.
To make it simple, we can affirm that any high-end design project involves 3D shaping steps and will be then enhanced by these precious details.
The 3D lava stone tile encapsulates all architectural & design requirements: originality, styling, functionality, and industrialization.
Because of their crack resistance, the offered fluted tiles are widely accredited by our customers.

The making process of the 3D shaped tiles

The 3D shaped tile, otherwise said relief tile, is processed from a stone block of suitable size first shaped to a certain degree, then, the intended design is roughed out with multiple steps of mechanical carving.
After that,  the manual chiseling can be requested to give the designed shape to the stone tile.
Artisans make their own decision for using the right tools which influence the excellence of the stone tile.

The glazing

The 3D shaped tile can be finished in the gray, brown, or enameled version.
The glazing choice can add that precise and unique look to the tile: through the enamels palette and their effects, whatever glaze the client will choose, it will always enhance the 3D shape as the depth of color changes related to the shape, adding precious details of depth effect to the surfaces.
To be noted: glazing dramatically increases the resistance of the tiles surface.

Our relief tiles proposals for restaurant bar counters and reception desks coverings



Bar Countertop project with 3D tiles covering Bar Countertop project with 3D tiles covering SWING, Relief tile SWING, Relief tile
Bar Tile - SWING 
Dimensions 15 X 800 cm 15 X 635 cm
Bar Countertop project with 3D tiles covering
Bar Tile - BAMBU Dimensions 15 X 800 cm 15 X 635 cm



Bar Tile - MIAMI 
Dimensions 37 X 800 cm

The Miami tile comes as one of the most classic variants of our 3D tiles: the tiles are cut from slubs and fluted, custom carved and enameled.
The fluted tiles can reach a relevant dimension, useful for decorating openings or bar counters.

See also our lava stone bar counter application destined to the Four Seasons Surfside, a project by Richard Meier, interiors designed by Joseph Dirand.



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