brick lava stone backsplash

Backsplash Ideas for the Kitchen #02

White kitchen is bright and timeless. and white glazing involves both counters, sink and backsplash tiles.
The classical horizontal brick pattern, choosing the 6×20 format gives a brightful and dynamic look to the equipped kitchen wall.

white glossy lava stone bricks
white glossy lava stone bricks
backsplash with 6x20 glazed lava stone tiles
backsplash with 6×20 glazed lava stone tiles

Our lava stone tiles can be glazed with custom colors and effects chosen from our color palette.
Lava stone backsplash can be the key element in kitchen custom design: the client can choose tiles format, patterns, sizes, and colors in accordance with their design project.
Not last, glazed lava tile is a durable product: due to the refractory nature of lava stone, the glazing and firing process makes the kitchen backsplash resistant to water, chemical agents and to wear.

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