/ natural stone surfaces and furniture for bathrooms, Wellness & SPA

Wellness and Spa design requires top-of-the-line features, and long-lasting, luxury finishes.
We focus all our expertise on achieving high-end finishes for the home bathroom, Wellness & Spa projects.
Below we show some of our most compelling lava stone piece of furniture.

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We provide assistance on your lava stone project, through the feasibility studies, the stone block carving and finishing, to the one-of-a-kind lava stone on-site installations.
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The benefits of the volcanic stone for the Wellness

The properties of lava stone and the benefits of using it for a Wellness project are considerable.
First, lava is a natural stone, it is 100% recyclable. Its aesthetic virtues reflect its intense organic quality, its association with nature, as well as the graphics and chromatic movement of volcanic rock. Natural lava surfaces bring a deep, pure natural touch to wellness Spas.
The Ranieri wellness line includes basins, bathtubs, shower backplates and cladding in pure and glazed lava stone finishes.
Our Made in Italy concept combines high technology with bespoke handcrafted pieces, guaranteeing our customers a wide range of shapes, dimensions and surface finishes and creating a bespoke product, in accordance with the project blueprint.

Key features

The solid pieces

The basins and bathtubs are extracted from a monolithic block of lava stone, and are manufactured and finished using techniques that have been passed on to the craftsmen of the Vesuvius area from previous generations.

Colors and finishes

Elegant and intimate, the bathroom furniture is designed to give functionality, energy and beauty to the wellness environment, thanks to the deep grey color and the texture of the stone.
The inside of the washbasin and the vanities can also be glazed with colors from our extensive palette, as well as patterns.

Shapes, dimensions, edge options

Shapes and dimensions are fully customizable.

Bare lava stone bathroom pieces

Elegant and intimate, through the pure shapes, the deep gray color and the texture of the volcanic stone, our bathroom pieces in bare lava stone are designed to give functionality, energy and restoring beauty to the wellness environment.
The pieces are extracted from a monolithic block of lava stone, through manufacturing techniques combining high technology and handmade finishes that the craftsmen from the Vesuvius area have been passed on for years.
Our concept of Made in Italy combines high technology and bespoke handicrafts, allowing us to guarantee our customers a wide range of different shapes, dimensions and surface finishes and realizing a bespoke product, in accordance with the trends of contemporary design.
In order to get more protection from the stone when it comes in contact with water, the surface can undergo further treatment aimed at making the stone water-proof, while keeping its volcanic texture intact.
Such treatment tends to darken the color of the stone further and to make it more compact, by eliminating its natural porosity.

The inside of the bowl has the shape of a smooth and cozy half-sphere. Externally, the cylindrical shape resembles a section of column thanks to its classic lines, the washbasin adheres elegantly and seamlessly to the polished lava stone top.

On our bare volcanic pieces of furniture, as for tops and claddings, the outside surface can be worked upon by hand or mechanically, applying different finishes and thus giving a range of tones for the design projects, whilst the inner sides are smoothed in order to increase nonporous characteristic of the surface. Here in the example, the application of rock face handmade lava stone, historically used outside, is evocative once transposed on to the interior design of the bathroom.

Twin half sphere basins. Wall cladding: mixed bare lava
Twin half sphere basins. Wall cladding: mixed bare lava finishes

Glazed lava stone bathroom pieces

Our bathroom pieces of furniture can be glazed with the entire range of finishes and enamels in our catalogue or with the research of ad-hoc tints, and can also be decorated with our patterns. This versatility of our surfaces, combined with the preciousness of the made to measure, it’s at the origin of our gorgeous one-of-a-kind lava stone bathroom pieces.