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Here at Ranieri, our made-to-measure lava stone kitchens will bring your ideas to life – down to the smallest of details.
Our countertops are unmatched, and it is up to the client to make the top their own regarding shape, size and color. We are always at hand to offer our expert advice, and will go to every length to make sure that the client is fully satisfied.
Lava stone’s versatility allows the the stone to be used in perfect harmony with other kitchen equipment.
Not to mention that our lava stone surfaces can also be applied on table tops and backsplashes!

Tell us about your project

We provide assistance on your lava stone project, through the feasibility studies, the stone block carving and finishing, to the one-of-a-kind lava stone on-site installations.
Tell us about your project!


A lava stone countertop can measure up to 3 meters, making it centre stage in a kitchen, a piece which makes the design extraordinary.

Glazing, colors and durability

Once cut, the stone countertop can be glazed with colors and effects chosen from our color palette.
Besides offering enormous potential for creative design, glazing is essential for improving the durability of the countertop surface.
Due to the refractory nature of lava stone, the glazing and the firing process make the kitchen top resistant to water, chemical agents, and general wear and tear.

Countertop edge

We offer a number of different countertop edge profile finishes.
This smallest of changes creates such a difference in the overall appearance of the stone and can be the starting point for your countertop custom design.

The sink: counter mounting

In custom kitchen design projects, the lava stone sink is made per the client’s request, carved from individual blocks of lava, glazed and installed as free standing or counter mounting. This process is followed attentively from the initial stages all right the way through to the installation and final details on-site.

The sink: free standing

Here is one of our previously made free-standing lava stone sinks. Note the edge detail and the choice of a traditional white enamel with craquelé effect – a timeless classic.

The choice of color and glazing

Once cut, the countertop and sink can be glazed with colors and effects chosen from our wide range of enamels.
Have a look to our color palette: feel free to order any samples from the standard color palette or search for any tints or customisation.

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