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Taylor made, of excellence, our lava stone offers unrivaled possibilities for creative agencies, architects, and designers, even more when it comes to talking about accent pieces and signages: our stone specialists in carving, glazing and decorating are involved in producing every custom designed item

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We provide assistance on your lava stone project, through the feasibility studies, the stone block carving and finishing, to the one-of-a-kind lava stone on-site installations.
Tell us about your project!

We enthusiastically welcome design projects for state-of-the-art accessories to be used both residentially and commercially.
Expertly handcrafted in our workshops in Naples, our luxury designer pieces are elegant and precious, to be perfectly tailored according to each project.
The duality between a natural material and a glazed material demonstrates the unique stonework technique of Ranieri laboratories.

The compactness and mesmerizing chromatic aesthetic of volcanic stone, together with glazing and metal application on a surface produce exclusive, striking signage for the hospitality market.
The graphic, once carved into the stone surface, is hand painted with a precious gold enamel.

The stone has been manually carved and decorated with a gold enamel

Every piece is unique.
Here a stylish 10×20 lava stone strip has been carved and glazed and a gold-colored steel sheet applied to it, forming the backdrop to way finding signage.

In this project, glazed lava has been used to enhance the exclusive atmosphere and prestige of the Wimbledon Champions Room.
Gold stainless steel graphics have been applied on white glazed lava panel with a custom brand design.