/ Behind the scenes of our glazed, patterned and bare lava stone tables

A multifaceted stone; stone table tops, in addition to the unique enameling features, can elegantly team up with leather and special fabrics, metals and crystals.
Our expertise in stone processing covers a wide range of treatments, including carving, engraving, glazing and decorating. This can be done with color additives, where you can add vibrant tints, satin or metallic effects, even gold and silver leaf in order to match different materials. The possibilities truly are endless.
We encourage designers to approach us with materials when matching color schemes and detailing ideas for creative projects destined for restaurants, bars & hotels, retail, as well as workspaces and residential environments.

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We provide assistance on your lava stone project, through the feasibility studies, the stone block carving and finishing, to the one-of-a-kind lava stone on-site installations.
Tell us about your project!

Tables are essential features in the hospitality industry which have a huge impact on the ambiance.
Choosing the best material for these tables is a crucial task, not only for aesthetic purposes but also in terms of durability and price.
The glazed lava tabletops are an excellent option, which are made to suit all environments thanks to various design options:

Colors and finishes

Colors can be chosen or recreated from an extensive palette and finishes can be customized. Among the most popular finishes are: satin, semi-satin, glossy, metallic and transparent

Shapes, dimensions, edge options

Shape, dimensions and edging options, likewise are customizable.

Pairing materials

Material pairing is crucial for a custom-designed piece of furniture. We are able to pair our stone efficiently with glass, textiles and wooden or metal frames:


As previously stated, we can affirm the excellent durability of the lava stone tabletop.
The refractory nature of lava stone, as well as the glazing and firing process make the table resistant to water, chemical agents, warping, temperature fluctuations and general wear and tear. This also means that it is suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor.
The lava stone tabletop can be the everlasting solution for all your decor queries – from its durable build to its elegant aesthetic – lava stone is the ideal material for any environment, be it a sit down meal in a high-end restaurant, or a lounge in a beer garden. The sky is the limit!

beak edge
details of a craquelé finish on the lava surface, paired with a brass satin frame
the stone table top can match different frames and supports
the pairing options between bare and glazed lava are limitless 

Our patterned table tops

Our XXL sized lava stone slabs are an extraordinary decorative surface for our decorative patterns, and can be turned into wall cladding, flooring cladding, mobile walls, counters and table tops: an extraordinary resource for any environment with an inimitable design! -> Our XXL sized lava stone slabs are an extraordinary surface for our decorative patterns, and can be turned into wall cladding, flooring, mobile walls, counters and table tops: an extraordinary resource for any environment with an inimitable design!

XXL sized lava stone slabs can be turned in exclusive patterned table tops
classic metal edges for busy environments
from wall cladding to table tops, our patterned lava stone turns out to be an extraordinary resource for any environment with an inimitable design!