glazed lavastone kitchen sink, white glazing, craquelé effect

Kitchen sink #01


Countertop & counter mounting kitchen sink

Collection: Glazed Lava Stone
Finish: Milk

Glazed lava stone kitchen worktop with lava stone sink

Available in all the range of finishes and glazing on catalogue.

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Glazed lava stone kitchen worktop, white enamel

Kitchen worktop in glazed lava stone, cut to measure,  and counter mounting lava stone sink,final glazing with white milk tint.

Thanks to the refractory nature of lava stone, the slab is glazed by placing it in a high temperature oven.
This technique makes the kitchen top both resistant to water and to wear.

The client can choose shape, sizes and colors of the kitchen worktop in accordance with their design project. Lava stone’s versatility allows the client to use the stone in perfect harmony with other kitchen equipment.

Kitchen in the pictures is part of a NY West Central Park luxury residential Project. Design by Bis Bis, The Un-Gyve Limited Group.

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