Color customization

/ We recreate the precise color to fit our client’s specification

Bespoke colors can be applied on tiles, claddings, table tops, worktops, reception desks and furniture, and the color itself will be stored in our library if you decide you would like to use it again in the future.
Whether you choose between our standard colors or you request bespoke colors, we suggest you order a few samples before making your purchase. By doing so, you can be sure of making the right choice, and will better understand the enameled lava stone features, thus knowing what to expect on the final project.

The color matching

Glazing offers countless possibilities to transform a lava stone surface into a bewildering palette of colors. The process can be inspired by fashion and design ideas, and the gamut of styles and trends can be interpreted through various enamels and decorations.

Our research on colors & patterns continue to work as special resources for the high-end interior design market, and our color palette offers a range of shades which is continuously expanding.
As well as the abundance of enamelled glazes available, depth and character can be given to pieces through different effects.
Our consultancy is aimed to inform and enable the customer to take advantage of the options available, to really make your projects unique and your own.

Throgh the color customization you can also explore our dégradé gradient effects

As part of custom color matching, our craftsmen will start from a basic theme color, and then produce a palette of natural gradients.
These gradients are used to develop your chosen theme color.
The process will be shared with the client, and the gradient options achieved will be offered fo the client to pick the best match.
Based on the result you want to obtain, you can also ask for a number of color shades.
This technique, also known as dégradé, is remarkable on our surfaces, and is a demonstration of how enamels react with the underlying lava. Whilst administering the degradé effect, our craftsmen will research the color shading specific to your project, keeping a close eye on the natural yet unpredictable formation which occurs on volcanic surfaces.

Customize your color

Step 1: choose your reference

We work to our clients’ brief, and color is no obstacle. We recreate the precise color to fit the specification. This is one of our main objectives. 
All we require is a physical sample or color code. Very often, our clients’ refer to the RAL K7 color palette in order to give us a color reference. If there is no RAL code which is suitable, a piece of fabric or print of the desired color works perfectly. Our experts will research and test enamel colors until we reach a sample which matches your reference color.

Step 2: choose your enamel

As well as tonality options, we also offer different effects and finishes. If unable to decide which finish perfectly suits you – our experts are at hand to offer their advice with regards to your project. Furthermore, precious mineral enamels, such as gold, can be added through the application of metal oxides.
Our most requested finishes are:

Cristallo T3

T3 is very crystalline. A heavier crystalline finish usually gives a glassier look with more depth.

Cristallo T2

T2 is medium-crystalline.

Cristallo T1

T1 is least crystalline.


A transparent glaze gives a hint of color, whilst the dark lava underneath is still visible.

Solid color

Homogenous color, with no movement or depth, which does not show the stone beneath.


A satin finish reflects some light at certain angles.


A matte finish reflects no lights.

Step 3: fill in the custom color request form