our bar counter for alici, the Seafood Restaurant in Dubai Inspired by the Amalfi Coast

Welcome to another success story by Ranieri Lava Stone in association with Dubai-based surface specialists, Surface Eleven.
The restaurant comprises two levels, adorned by Ranieri Lava Stone bar tops: on the ground floor crudo and first-floor bars.

Alici Restaurant in the Bluewaters Island of Dubai

Alici is located in the Bluewaters Island of Dubai and overlooks the scenic landscapes of this dynamic city including the famous ‘Dubai Eye’.
The inspiration for Alici’s interiors comes from blue waters and bright moods; it’s a space bathed in neutral shades and heaps of natural light, blue tones, and white-washed wood.
When you think of seafood, the scent of the sea life usually accompanies the taste of fresh catch. This is what the new seafood restaurant in Dubai, Alici, aimed for by matching the interiors with the colors of the Amalfi Coast, from which it takes inspiration.
We would like to take you through the details of how the designer and client has interpreted this vision using Ranieri Lava Stone.
The team of Ranieri Lava Stone worked closely with Dubai-based surface specialists, SURFACE ELEVEN, with the designer of this project, LW Design, and the end client, the owner of Alici.
Our combined goal was to showcase the essence of Alici’s spirit by making the Ranieri Lava Stone bar tops and skirting one of the defining statements of the space.

Alici Restaurant in the Bluewaters Island of Dubai
Ranieri Lava Stone crudo bar top is tailored to our client requests, ranging from shapes to colours and finishes
Our bespoke lava stone bar counter

The Innovation

Ranieri lava stone has been placed on top of the Alici bar’s customized counter base made from glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG).
The way we innovated the design can be seen from our renderings.

Crudo Bar Top and Skirting Production
Bar Counter Top

The Innovation in Design and Color

The production process involved many 3d shaped forms, such as corner details; with a process of carving and glazing dedicated to each selected lava stone slab, destined to be a part of every single piece of the bar counter.
The bar tops have a total thickness of 85mm with an elegant and smooth edge profile detail.
The skirting was carved out of solid blocks and is 3-dimensional in form. The lava stone was produced with a cristallo finish by using a 5-axis waterjet, where the glaze is applied before the crystalline layer.

The production of the 3D custom pieces
The glazing process of each lava stone piece of the bar tops
The edge profile detail

Because of its glassy element, the finish creates a stunning color variation that emphasizes the crackle effect and enhances the natural brightness of the rich sea blue color.

The crystal finish

The finished look

Even though Ranieri Lava Stone has a range of shades on offer, we customized a light blue color for the bar tops. The color was selected to support the client’s vision of customers experiencing an endless sea indoors.

Even though Ranieri Lava Stone has a range of shades on offer, we
customized a light blue color for glazing the bar top
, selected to support the client’s vision on customers experiencing the indoors as an endless sea.
On your next trip to Dubai, dine at Alici and sip your drink served on the phenomenal Ranieri Lava Stone bar tops. And let the waves of the ocean come at you with perfect stillness!

The lava stone glaze with its the crystal finish creates a stunning color variation of the rich sea blue color
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