Decorating the stone

Hand painting – based on the decorative tradition developed on the Amalfi coast – can also be applied on tiles, panels, tables and any custom-made lava stone product.

It was the Sanseverino princes who began the local ceramics industry, which dates back to the late Renaissance.
The industry has come to be a symbol of Vietri sul Mare, a living artistic expression you can still see in craft workshops along the Amalfi coast.
We have taken the traditional art of ceramic hand-painting of Vietri and turned it into something innovative and open to modern interior applications.
We have transferred the Vietri hand-painting techniques traditionally applied on terracotta tiles and surfaces to volcanic stone.
The result is a strong, resistant and versatile glazed lava stone surface with a wide range of applications that are unattainable with terracotta – from tiles to wall claddings, from bar counters to kitchen countertops, as well as durable stone for outdoor environments.


high resistance compared to terracotta pattern
Indoor and Outdoor
Wide range of applications (tiles, tables, bar counters)
Sizes: from 100 mm up to XXL 2400 mm
Custom patterns

About hand-painting

There are a number of hand-painting techniques offering a huge array of results.
They range from free-hand painting to hand painting combined with screen printing.
We consider these traditions our artistic heritage which we look to apply, be it referencing age-old Vietri patterns or exploring more contemporary pattern styles.

Free hand painting pattern techniques:

pattern techniques: free hand painting with mascherinapattern techniques: free hand painting, traditional Vietri pattern

“Mascherina” hand made pattern techniques:

pattern techniques: free hand painting with mascherina. Traditional Vietri pattern

hand made silkscreen pattern techniques:

directly onto the stone, as in this example of a contemporary black & white pattern on a cut slab of lava stone.

pattern techniques: the silk-screen usespattern techniques: lava stone

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