Glazed Lava Finishes

Lava stone surfaces are multi-faceted and gorgeous materials for architecture and design applications, as they can be used in their natural gray & brown color, and as enameled stone.
This means that, together, natural and enameled lava stone surfaces open up a huge range of possibilities for interior design projects.

Our glazed lava stone comes in a wide range of pastel and crystalline colors, which we have developed in recent years, while working with architects, designers, and clients, who, like us, firmly believe in its potential.

A number of different enamel finishes and effects are available, according to the chosen colors.
The most common effects are:


Glazed lava stone: matte

The matte effect doesn’t produce any color change or particular shade because of its opacity.
The color completely covers the surface of the stone without showing its structure below.
It goes perfectly with all surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, and is also extremely resistant to stain and abrasion.
This glaze can be made more or less opaque or shiny according to your own preferences.


Glazed lava stone: glossy

This glaze is not subject to any particular color change; therefore the color shows to be flat, without shades, making the surface homogeneous and suitable for any type of surface, both horizontal and vertical. All colors can be offered, glossy finish or pastel matt shades.
It is very resistant to stains and impacts.


Glazed lava stone: cristallo

The glaze is applied before the crystalline layer is placed on it. Thanks to its glassy component, the crystal finish creates a lovely color variation that emphasizes the crackle effect and makes the color brighter.
It’s more suitable for surfaces than flooring because of the effect being more delicate compared to the others.


The surface of the stone is covered with a thin crystalline glaze layer, which blends with the grey color of the stone and enhances its features.
The oven baking creates a bright effect that makes the stone surface shiny, but at the same time does not subject the color to any change.
It has a good stain resistance due to this technique being slightly more delicate than the full glazes.
There is the option to make the stone glassy upon request.


Glazed lava stone: metal

The main characteristic of this technique is that the different finishes and shades created are variable and may form differing textures and effects on the surface of the stone.
This slight unpredictability makes this effect very artisanal, ideal for those who are creative.


Glazed lava stone: metal

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