Glazing the stone

A distinctive feature of lava stone is the fact it can be glazed to achieve a wide range of colors and effects

Glazing offers countless possibilities to transform the lava stone surface.
Once molten lava, lava rock stone can withstand the very high temperatures used in the glazing process.
Lava stone tiles, countertops and tables can be coated with an enamel glaze, and fired at a very high temperature to reveal a bewildering palette of colors and a wide range of opportunities for interior design projects.


Wide range of colors
Sizes: from 10 mm up to XXL 3000 mm
High resistance to chemicals
High resistance to all weather conditions
Nonporous: waterproof
Indoor and outdoor applications
Easy to clean

The workshop:

Glazing lava stone surfaces: the workshop
Lava stone craftsmen in their workshop

The kiln:

Glazing lava stone surfaces: the kiln
lava stone is fired at a temperature of 960°

Technically, kiln firing increases the resistance of glazed stone surfaces – a key factor for indoor and outdoor applications, from outdoor tables and bar counters to kitchen countertops. Glazing makes stone surfaces highly resistant and almost indestructible when exposed to water, chemicals, temperature fluctuations or UV light.

A glazed surface:

Glazed lava stone tile
high-temperature glazing improves surface resistance and durability of products

The enamels:

Enameling is an open process: Ranieri Lava Stone’s palette explores a wide range of color effects, from matte to glossy, from transparent to metallic.

Glazing lava stone surfaces: go to see the effects
Ranieri Lava Stone enamels
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