Modern, lively lava stone floor… Inspired by Chevron pattern

Old fitting pattern
Old fitting pattern

Old fitting pattern are very much in fashion in modern interiors: inspiring new interpretations, old patterns such as Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles and Bordeaux, are back now and again.
In this residential project, we applied the Chevron pattern with a bi-color glazing scheme, matching Pure White and Blue Denim enamels from our palette, with a semi satin finish.
denim pure-white

Chevron pattern, also called Point de Hongrie, can fit perfectly the projected spaces, adapting the sizes of the tiles to the total surface area.

Bicolor flooring tiles, Blue Denim and Pure White, 27 x 37 cm

Single tile is cut in order to ensure that the floor fits, indeed the size of tile makes a big difference on the character of the floor: depending on the style you want to impress, short and narrow or wider tiles evoke different atmospheres.
In the project, meant for an holiday villa, the floor style interprets a rural and lively atmosphere marching medium size 27×37 tiles with a jazzy Blue Denim and Pure White color scheme:

The Chevron lava stone floor runs from the wide living room to the outdoor patio floor.
This is a key factor with glazed lava stone, which comes with a large range of applications that are unattainable with terracotta: technically, kiln firing increases the resistance of glazed stone surfaces – suitable for high traffic use,  and for indoor and outdoor tiles (see glazing process and decorating techniques).

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