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Elegant and durable lava stone is an excellent material for floor tiles and wall coverings.
In combination, gray, brown, glazed and decorated lava stone tiles open up a huge range of possibilities for architectural and design projects.
Lava stone tiles are ideal for high-end, custom-made interiors and outdoor environments.

gray & brown lava stone palette, to create a natural look

Lava stone is a natural stone, that is imperfect in its texture and color, which gives it an interesting organic perception.
Furthermore, different shades of gray and brown color and different tactile characters you could reach through finishes can be used and put together giving visually interesting patterns and design.
Lava stone  processing methods leave substantially unchanged the stone surface, discovering different gray and brown tones, which give us a gray and brown lava stone palette

Gray and Brown stone finishes: this is our natural lava stone color palette
Gray and brown lava stone finishes: this is our natural lava stone color palette
Our gray lava stone tiles


Our customized enamels & patterns

Glazing offers countless possibilities to transform the lava stone surface into a bewildering palette of colors and a wide range of creative solutions.
This inexhaustible process can be inspired by fashion and design ideas, and the gamut of styles and trends can be interpreted with new enamels, effects, and decorations.

The lava stone tile enameling project is a customized process from cutting through hand pattern application to tile firing
the custom color selection process
Glazes can serve to color, decorate and waterproof the stone surface.
A ceramic glaze is an impervious layer of a vitreous substance which has been fused to a stone body through firing.
Kiln firing increases the resistance of glazed stone surfaces – a key factor in indoor and outdoor applications.

The enameled lava stone close-up:
Glazing makes stone surfaces highly resistant and almost indestructible when exposed to water, chemicals, temperature fluctuations or UV light.
Our glazed lava stone tiles


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