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/ Drawing Lava. Impressing Colors on a Hard, Resistant Natural Material

Our patternscomes in different formats and in a rich palette of colors and effects.

Lava is obtained, and colors and motifs impressed onto the hard, natural material.
Our decorative lines have been designed for both small and large surfaces and formulated to create blanket effects and endless repetitions that work well on horizontal planes and vertical areas.
Our pattern projects embrace the traditional art of Vietri ceramic hand-painting.
By transferring this precious heritage from ceramics to volcanic stone, we have turned it into something innovative and open to modern interior design trends, exploring contemporary styles and patterns.
Patterns inspired by geometries and fabrics remodelled with enamel glazing onto stone – a tribute to past designs and artworks that filter and combine old traditions with new expressions.
The decorative elements can be enhanced with color customization, through the addition of precious mineral enamels, such as gold, or through the application of innovative metal oxides.
This collection expresses techniques and characteristics which can be dressed up or down to suit every environment.
All of our patterns are available in the decorated tiles collection of our shop. Here you will also have the opportunity to customize your order and create your own bespoke items.


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