Coffee Table #01


Coffee Table #01


Special Edition

Top: bare lava stone, matte finish
Base: glazed lava stone
Colors: Pure White, Exotic Orange

L999 x W800 x H340 mm


The gray volcanic rock plays with enamels: the coffee table #01 is embellished by decorative motifs in glazed stone running along the top.
Charlotte Juillard’s project the lava stone coffee tables series capture a play of color combinations and geometry: the assembly is purposely exhibited on these small coffee tables where the color insert passes through the surfaces to create a decorative pattern.
The different lava treatments – natural lava for the top table and glazed lava for the base – are displayed through a play showing the expertise of the artisans in realizing bespoke pieces.
Colors can be customized in order to match the interiors and client’s style.
Here in the example: the base is enameled with an Old White and Burnt Orange tint from our Standard Colors Palette.
See also: Coffee Table #02, Coffee Table #03.

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We also invite you to discover more about the lava stone features, following the link here: Characteristic & peculiarities and Technical and physical features.

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