Daybed #01


Daybed #01


Bare Lava Stone, Matte finish
Metal frame: Black shinny metal
Seat: Rubelli’s Velvet

L2400 x W950 x H580 mm

The day-bed is conceived as a sober elegant piece, with no decoration.
This stylish piece of furniture beautifully represents our idea of luxury craftsmanship, custom design, handmade and Made in Italy, where the knowledge of the artisans of stone finds new light and expression in a piece of overwhelmingly contemporary design.
The project by Charlotte Juillard associates the solid lava stone structure, extracted from the quarries around Vesuvius, and handcrafted by the workers of Ranieri Lava Stone, with the excellence of the Rubelli velvet craftsmanship for the seat and the cushion, while the support is forged in steel with a total black gloss finish.
The lava stone structure is extracted from a block of gray volcanic rock then polished and embellished through pure and geometrical shapes.
Designed with essential lines, the material quality of the volcanic stone is here intensely evoked by associating it with a feminine sensibility to the textures and colors of the textile.
Minimalist and sophisticated, versatile, glamorous and functional (maybe the most glamorous of furnishing elements), with its strictly horizontal line and its adaptability, both as a central element in the living space and placed at an angle, the living daybed opens up all sorts of furniture layouts, while its ambivalence of sofa and extra spot for guests, makes the dormeuse a precious piece of furniture, evoking the opportunity to relax and unwind at home, just as it can be a remarkable welcome point for the hospitality, showrooms and workspaces!
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The detail of a recess dug, to accommodate the velvet cushion
The detail of a recess dug, to accommodate the velvet cushion


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