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Our glazed lava surface comes as little know but eligible among the best materials for the bathroom environment.
Low porosity and incredible durability make it the perfect fit for the bathroom: whether used for the vanity countertop, vessel or under-mount sinks, or decorative and backsplashes tiles.
Let us tell you… we are fanatics of this surface for its stunning versatile look that’s unlike any other: in addition with the physical features, the freedom of adding a virtually infinite range of colors and enameled effects places the lava surfaces as absolutely original and unique!
Embracing the lava surfaces choice, you will discover an ultimate design material where effectiveness and efficiency merge with aesthetically freedom and beauty.
Our 3D pieces can be applied as wall cladding thus creating totally unique and decorative wall cladding, as well as can be applied to bathroom furniture that runs the gamut from open space designs to floating vanities.
Our lava stone bathroom furniture really makes the difference turning the bathroom and Spa design to an unexplored and compelling look.
Each 3D lava stone furniture is handcrafted by experienced professionals who are keen on details.
There are plenty of options to choose among our 3D pieces, a collection of reliable products that offer durability & support, visual appeal, and quality craftsmanship.

Here, the Delta bar tile is applied as a decorative front for a floating vanity, a bathroom trend solution for Restaurants, Hotels and Spa design.
The lava stone floating vanity, glazed with a Burgundy tint, is a really gorgeous piece of furniture, where the glazed lava stone top is embellished by the the Delta vertical cladding and its dynamic elegant look.


Delta available sizes

400B: 400x150x20mm
600B: 600x150x20mm
800B: 800x150x20mm

Here you can download additional product information:

We also invite you to discover more about the lava stone features, following the link here: Characteristic & peculiarities and Technical and physical features.

Bartile sizes

400B, 600B, 800B


Pure White, Old White, Soft White, Vanilla, Almond, Ivory, Honey Milk, Caffelatte, Linen, Cloud Cream, Banana Cream, Sepia, Citron, Empire Yellow, Shell Coral, Exotic Orange, Curry, Golden Brown, Desert Orange, Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Chocolate, Old Rose, Cream Pink, Petal Cream, Candy Floss, Strawberry Ice, Cherry, Warm Red, Marsala, Argilla, Lime Yellow, Lime green, Pistacho, Spearmint, Grass Green, Oliva, Forest Green, Leaf Green, Bottle Green, Miami Green, Tropic Green, Sapphire, Duck Egg, Powder Blue, Blueberry Juice, Denim, Bondi Blue, Night Blue, Black Blue, Grigio Perla, Sky Grey, Caviar, Total Black

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