Nil bar tile: the reception desk application



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The reception, by definition the welcoming place for customers, is the trump card that immediately conveys the main hospitality design theme.
Elegance and uniqueness, beauty and intimacy, discretion, comfort and charm find their synthesis in the welcoming area. We are proud to present our lava stone counters and desks as the masterpieces which can make a difference in the reception environment.
Our 3D tiles are magnificent and effective furniture pieces that enhance and complete any hotel reception and lobby decor projects.
The benefits of our glazed lava stone 3D tiles dedicated to reception stations include:

  • 3D tiles are modular pieces which can be applied to various counter projects, from the smallest to more complex and impressive desks
  •  3D tiles are glazed one by one, which means that the final results will offer a wide variety of selection in colors, glazing effects and color matching
  • 3D tile are suitable both for desk and wall cladding so you can create aesthetic references between the design of the counter and the surrounding environment
  • Our specialized team can assist through the whole project, ensuring that you can take advantage of the incredible versatility of our 3D pieces, and get the best tailor made result

Here, the reception desk is decorated with our Nil tile, where the modular plank curved shape repetition is echoed through the hall’s playful portal frame.
The emerald tint applied both on the vertical cladding and on the lava stone top, with its vibrant shadings, is the warm accent of color which captures the attention and welcomes the customer amongst the calm palette of the surrounding environment.

Nil bar tile: the reception desk application


Nil available sizes

400A: 400x60x20mm
400B: 400x150x20mm
600A: 600x60x20mm
600B: 600x150x20mm
800A: 800x60x20mm
800B: 800x150x20mm

Here you can download additional product information:

We also invite you to discover more about the lava stone features, following the link here: Characteristic & peculiarities and Technical and physical features.

Bartile sizes

400A, 400B, 600A, 600B, 800A, 800B


Pure White, Old White, Soft White, Vanilla, Almond, Ivory, Honey Milk, Caffelatte, Linen, Cloud Cream, Banana Cream, Sepia, Citron, Empire Yellow, Shell Coral, Exotic Orange, Curry, Golden Brown, Desert Orange, Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Chocolate, Old Rose, Cream Pink, Petal Cream, Candy Floss, Strawberry Ice, Cherry, Warm Red, Marsala, Argilla, Lime Yellow, Lime green, Pistacho, Spearmint, Grass Green, Oliva, Forest Green, Leaf Green, Bottle Green, Miami Green, Tropic Green, Sapphire, Duck Egg, Powder Blue, Blueberry Juice, Denim, Bondi Blue, Night Blue, Black Blue, Grigio Perla, Sky Grey, Caviar, Total Black

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