Onda tile: bar counter 



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Undoubtedly, the most iconic bar tile amongst all.
The Onda tile is concaved with straight edges, displaying a half-piped end product.
The bar tile was originally realized for the magnificent Champagne Bar in the very heart of the Miami Four Season Surf Club, design by Joseph Dirand.
The decoration under the bar counter was achieved using a green glaze over fluted stone tiles to produce a wave-like effect.
Famously named “Onda” as the architect behind the design stated that it reminded him of his trip to Amalfi.
This successful Onda tile is often requested of us and we could not fail to include it in our shop as a flagship product!
Today you can easily get it in a variety of colors and effects and in three different available sizes.
Fluted decors are among architecture’s oldest surface embellishments, and we are proud to have interpreted the tradition of fluted tiles by making with the Onda and the Bambu tiles such elegant and versatile lava products for any  residential living spaces and hospitality projects.

Onda tile: bar counter 


Onda available sizes
400A: 400x50x30mm
400B: 400x150x30mm
600A: 600x50x30mm
600B: 600x150x30mm
800A: 800x50x30mm
800B: 800x150x30mm

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We also invite you to discover more about the lava stone features, following the link here: Characteristic & peculiarities and Technical and physical features.

Bartile sizes

400A, 400B, 600A, 600B, 800A, 800B


Pure White, Old White, Soft White, Vanilla, Almond, Ivory, Honey Milk, Caffelatte, Linen, Cloud Cream, Banana Cream, Sepia, Citron, Empire Yellow, Shell Coral, Exotic Orange, Curry, Golden Brown, Desert Orange, Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Chocolate, Old Rose, Cream Pink, Petal Cream, Candy Floss, Strawberry Ice, Cherry, Warm Red, Marsala, Argilla, Lime Yellow, Lime green, Pistacho, Spearmint, Grass Green, Oliva, Forest Green, Leaf Green, Bottle Green, Miami Green, Tropic Green, Sapphire, Duck Egg, Powder Blue, Blueberry Juice, Denim, Bondi Blue, Night Blue, Black Blue, Grigio Perla, Sky Grey, Caviar, Total Black

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