Squared Oval Basin


Basin #02 Glazed


Bare Lava Stone, Matte finish
Inner side: Glazed Lava Stone
Colors: Color of your choice from the Solid Colors Palette
Metal frame: Black shinny metal

L500 x W300 x H120 mm

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The basin is extracted from a monolithic block of lava stone, manufactured and finished using long lasting craftsmen techniques.
Thanks to the deep grey color and the texture of the stone, this solid piece is designed to give energy and beauty to the wellness environment, while the inside of the washbasin can be customized with enameled colors from our extensive palette.
This oval basin is glazed in the inner side.
Glazes can serve to color, decorate and waterproof the stone surface, thus making the stone surfaces highly resistant and almost indestructible when exposed to water and chemicals.
Thanks to the enameling process our furniture pieces acquire unmatched durability, elegance and beauty.
The metallic structure, finely decorated, supports the glazed lava stone oval basin. The metal frame finish is a black shiny metal.


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We also invite you to discover more about the lava stone features, following the link here: Characteristic & peculiarities and Technical and physical features.


Pure White, Old White, Soft White, Vanilla, Almond, Ivory, Honey Milk, Caffelatte, Linen, Cloud Cream, Banana Cream, Sepia, Citron, Empire Yellow, Shell Coral, Exotic Orange, Curry, Golden Brown, Desert Orange, Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Chocolate, Old Rose, Cream Pink, Petal Cream, Candy Floss, Strawberry Ice, Cherry, Warm Red, Marsala, Argilla, Lime Yellow, Lime green, Pistacho, Spearmint, Grass Green, Oliva, Forest Green, Leaf Green, Miami Green, Tropic Green, Sapphire, Duck Egg, Powder Blue, Blueberry Juice, Denim, Bondi Blue, Night Blue, Black Blue, Grigio Perla, Sky Grey, Caviar, Total Black

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