Technical and physical features of lava stone


Bulk specific gravity: 2.795 Kg/mc
Water absorption value: 10,20 %
Compression breaking load: 113,4Mpa
Elastic tangent modulus: 25,032MPa
Elastic secant modulus: 18,347 MPA
Breaking load due to indirect traction by means of bending: 10,7 MPa
Wear due to sliding friction: abrasion coefficient in Tribometer: 4,37 mm
Resistance to breakage on impact (minimum fall height): 63 cm
Knoop micro hardness: 4825 MPa


Average volume weight - 2.658 gr/cmc
Actual specific weight - 2.856 gr/cmc
Porosity - 6.93%
Average compression strength - 1642 kg/cmq
Frost shattering - 1930 kg/cmq
Resistance to wear - 0.64
Shattering coefficient - 115.8
Resistance to bending - 167.2 kg/cmq
Total breaking load - 0.275 mm

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