the new lava

the art of natural lava

Each piece of LAVA bears witness to a moment
of volcanic formation preserved in the rock,
a poetic and solidified expression
of the earth’s movements.

the new lava

Each piece of lava bears witness to a volcanic explosion preserved in rock, a poetic and solidified expression of the earth in formation

From its origins in fire, lava is imbued with inimitable qualities: surfaces flecked with minerals, apertures, metallic shards and matte fragments,with a variety of shades, colors, textures, and mineral compositions intrinsic to its natural richness.

Its distinctive birth renders lava resistant and versatile, allowing it a greater range of technical possibilities than marble or ceramic, making it the ideal material for a wide variety of applications and claddings. Volcanic rock has been utilized since ancient times, but today, Ranieri marks the beginning of a new era, the birth of a new lava.

Located at the foot of Vesuvius, Ranieri has developed a pioneering treatment of lava stone that celebrates and enhances its natural state — an ode to the volcano and its limited precious production of the material. Expanding the capabilities of Campania’s historic craftsmanship with lava, Ranieri highlights the stone’s heterogeneity, quality, and rich surfaces, yielding a new type of beauty that ennobles the stone’s natural essence and renders lava an innovative material. Ranieri’s approach represents a break from long-held limits in how lava was used — either raw or completely obscured by enamel — and unleashes vast new design possibilities for the stone that enhance its varied and inimitable material composition.


Ranieri’s innovative cutting styles and glazes deliberately highlight the nuances of the magma, respecting the naturally variegated and unique state of the material. The result is a world of effects, finishes, and color exclusive to this stone, which celebrate the natural and singular composition of volcanic rock.

  • the new lava
  • the new lava
  • the new lava
Volcanic stone has been harnessed since ancient times, yet today sees a new era of lava in design, as Ranieri trailblazes an approach that exalts the material’s authentic natural state.

A unique building block with a surface of minerals and apertures, and of gleaming flecks amid matte rock, lava is the solidified expression of the earth’s turbulent formation, with inimitable volcanic characteristics.

Ranieri has created techniques that emphasize the nature of lava stone, with new styles of cutting to create sculptural three-dimensional tiles and elements, and the introduction of thin glazes that reveal rather than cloak its particularities — a powerful invocation of nature in design, thanks to lava stone’s visible origins.

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Lava is both harder and more resistant than marble. Born by fire, it’s also the only stone capable of the high temperatures of glaze applications for color effects, utilizing the traditional techniques of Vietri ceramics.

With a vast range of glaze options, plus the special nuances and chromatic differences that result from its naturally varied surface, lava offers richer results than the industrial uniformity of ceramic tiles as well. The strength and versatility of lava stone permits a wide range of treatments that are unattainable with ceramics or marble, and make it ideal for tiles and wall claddings, bar counters and kitchen countertops, outdoor furniture, bathtubs, sinks, bars, reception desks, spa and wellness areas, outdoor environments and, as the stone naturally retains heat, swimming pools.