Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica
The magic of colors
New colors palette designed by David Lopez e Francesco Meda
deep color
Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica
Textural surface and texturize natural lava
The mastery of our craftsmen shapes it while respecting its material essence
textural surfaces
Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica
Color customization
Ranieri, the world’s premier laboratory of experimentation with lava

The Art of Natural Lava

introducing a range of versatile and contemporary products that highlight the distinctive natural characteristics of lava stone, with a palette of glazes as well as forward-looking designs for three-dimensional tiles and elements to amplify its creative uses.

Artisan-crafted at our Vesuvius workshop

Innovative glazes, combining glass particles with a finer blend of minerals for a sheer finish, accentuate the flecked and dappled surface of the stone, in chromatic plays possible only with lava