Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica
The New Lava
New colors palette designed by David Lopez and Francesco Meda
the new lava
Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica
Textural surface and texturize natural lava
The mastery of our craftsmen shapes it while respecting its material essence
textural surfaces
Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica
Customize your color
Ranieri, the world’s premier laboratory of experimentation with lava
Color customization
With unrivaled techniques and lava stone expertise,
Ranieri offers extensive customization and bespoke project
Crafting lava

The Art of Natural Lava

introducing a range of versatile and contemporary products that highlight the distinctive natural characteristics of lava stone, with a palette of glazes as well as forward-looking designs for three-dimensional tiles and elements to amplify its creative uses.

Artisan-crafted at our Vesuvius workshop

Innovative glazes, combining glass particles with a finer blend of minerals for a sheer finish, accentuate the flecked and dappled surface of the stone, in chromatic plays possible only with lava

coloring lava

Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica

Ranieri, the world’s premier laboratory of experimentation with lava, collaborates with architects, designers, project managers, and other professionals to allow them to imagine new cutting-edge designs in lava exploring fresh territories of cut, color, and form, with a mastery of the volcanic stone, and a wider palette of Vietri-style glazes than is possible with other materials — an unrivaled ability with lava that’s made Ranieri the choice for extraordinary projects for the artist Olafur Eliasson, the Four Seasons Miami, Massimo Bottura’s Ristorante Francescana, and many others.