Natural Stone: Quality Certified

Natural Stone Certified

Quality is: natural product, sustainibility, environmental responsibility

To demonstrate the high quality of our product – we supply first choice blocks, slabs and semi-finished products, selected from the best lava stone quarries – Ranieri Pietra Lavica certificate its product with the trademark “Natural Stone”.

“Natural Stone”

In the ambit of promoting and safeguarding natural stone products from attacks by poor ceramic or agglomerate imitations, Euroroc (the Federation of European stone industries) has created a trademark for products born in the heart of quarries. “Natural Stone” means “genuine stone”: Natural Stone loudly and clearly states the authenticity of the natural product as opposed to the falsity and artifice of manmade marbles and granites. Natural Stone is a collective trademark now shared by stone industries in all 25 European Union countries – it should be borne in mind that the idea stems from two basic aims:

TEAMING UP the whole European stone industry under a shared and clearly recognizable emblem, a single logo valid for stone producers in Italy, Spain, Germany and all the rest of the 25 states in the Union;

DISTINGUISHING products in genuine stone from those in ceramic and agglomerate. The “genuine stone” communication campaign is a decisive one for the Italian and European stone industries, a campaign that in coming months will involve not only sector operators but also designers, architects and final consumers.