Bare lava

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Lava Stone is a living, natural material, with a distinctive pure gray color, which finishing leaves intact while disclosing different shades from gray to brown, thus giving a range of tones for your design projects.


The properties of lava stone are considerable.
Lava is a natural stone, it is 100% recyclable.
Its aesthetic virtues reflect its intense organic quality, its association with nature, as well as the chromatic movement of volcanic rock.
When analyzing its physical properties, the amazing strength of lava stone becomes immediately clear, both in relation to its breaking load and its degree of frost resistance.
Not to be discredited is its size and shape: lava stone pieces offer wide freedom of use for any design projects.
Lava stone slabs can be cut perfectly to a minimum thickness of 1 cm and a maximum length of about 300 cm.
The starting point of production is the quarry: it is here we pick lava stone blocks most appropriate for the project.
Once the stone has reached our workshop, it is transformed to the size required by the client.
Special finishes can be applied during this process, which reveal different shades of gray, brown, and colored enamels, all whilst preserving the natural characteristics of the stone. This adds texture and character to the final project.

Bare Lava

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