Argilla is from our new Solid Colors palette, created in collaboration with our workshops in Naples to bring the true lava stone enamel glazes into your project.

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Features of the glazed surface

Finish: Cristallo, Glossy
Tone variation: Index 2 (Low)
Maintenance: Glazed lava stone is easy to maintain with clean water and a pH neutral liquid detergent. Possible stains can be removed with Glass & Ceramic Cleaner. To protect the surface we recommend Ceramic Protector which fills the micro pores.
Technical Features: Read more

Tone variation is an intrinsic part of the glazing process, and is a distinctive indication of the hard work done by hand on what is an incredibly unique and unpredictable material.
This may present as more intense tones along the edges, and a change of color towards the centre and flatter parts of each piece.
This variation is especially visible in colors made with a shiny crystal finish, which we like to compare to the appearance of mirrored water – it holds an element of depth but reflects the light and its surroundings.
Some colors will have a crystal finish but will not seem as glass-like and will not reflect the light as much as others, but they still have the possibility of changing tone.
Tone variation can also occur amongst the glossy and matte finishes, although this will happen to a lesser scale.

Looking for any color customization?

Give us the RAL K7 color code or any other reference and we will turn it in your glazed lava sample

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