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Our lava stone surfaces add a visual twist to the lighting design

Working side by side with Brossier Saderne for the international luxury hospitality company Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, on the project of the bespoke lava stone table lamps.

Lighting is an essential part of the interior decor.
The lamp itself can be that accent element to add a distinguished note to the environment, while the lighting function comes to be an essential part of the decoration.
Through the details of the shapes, textures matching, color schemes, the lamp as a design product can be a relevant key piece to enhance the whole ambiance.

Our partnership with Brossier Saderne

Partnering with international architecture firms, all our lava stone applications are for the made-to-measure, unique and distinctive products.
Brossier Saderne specializes in the design and manufacture of lighting products for the hospitality and site-specific creations.
Since 1987, Brossier Saderne has illuminated the most beautiful hotels, restaurants and cruise ships from all over the world.
Our partnership with a firm of such recognized designs and expertise has been an intense and rewarding experience.

The glazed lava stone lamp

The lamp, designed by Paris-based architect Joseph Dirand, revokes the golden age of the twenties while being contemporary and elegant. 

Ranieri Lava Stone takes part in the project with a longtime savoir-faire on the stone design principles, with a deep knowledge of hand chiseling, modern carving, and glazing techniques.

Our lava stone product is all made-to-measure on the clients demand, from the shape to the custom colors and finishes.
We loved the project and this bespoke lava stone glazed base, embellished by a craquelé finish which adds a special classy touch to the “age of the twenties” style.
Our aim is to contribute to the latest lighting design from leading designers and new talents with the innovative shapes and color accents of our surfaces.

We light up and furnish the spaces with the most stylish stone design products.

Craquelé: a distinctive note of glazed lava stone

Why craquelé?

Craquelé, or craquelure, is a french definition acquired from history of art, to point out the fine pattern of dense “cracking” formed on the surface of ancient paintings.
On lava stone glazed surfaces, being a simply a physical consequence of glazing process, craquelé is an aesthetic value of enameled lava stone products and tiles.
Craquelé intensity is variable, as it is a natural consequence of high temperatures stone glazing with crystalline colors.
This is distinctive and so much appreciated by lava stone lovers.

craquelé effect on white restaurant table top
craquelé effect on white restaurant table top
glazed lava stone countertop
craquele effect on ancient white

comparing 3 neutral enamels, we can appreciate how craquelé can change from one to another:

lava stone surface crazing change each time...
lava stone surface crazing change each time…

light, smooth, and yet visible is craquelé on this lava stone lamp:

lime yellow lamp
lime yellow lamp
glazed lava stone table
glazed lava stone table


and, finally, you can notice the crazying on our Vietri traditional table tops:

craquelé is perceivable on this traditional Vietri pattern
craquelé is perceivable on this traditional Vietri pattern
traditional Vietri tables
traditional Vietri table