The Stone

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A primitive material we can glaze, color, and draw

Our surfaces are natural volcanic stone

Our volcanic surfaces

Lava stone is a visionary stone: unconventional and volcano. Magma is formed at around 1400°C and once in contact with the external environment, it is subject to a sudden cooling that turns it to a silvery-grey lava.
Our lava stone is 100% recyclable natural volcanic stone; a multifaceted stone for the high-end architectural and interior design market.
The compactness and chromatic patterning of lava stone hold precious traces of volcanic magma; they are a legacy of nature and can be enhanced with bespoke finishes.


At Ranieri we live by the strong conviction that we are committed to building a sustainable society by delivering products that last a lifetime (and even longer). Respecting the environment comes naturally at Ranieri, since the environment is our most precious resource. We translate lava stone into sustainable products that evoke emotion with long-lasting quality and value. One of lava stone’s most important characteristics is its ability to endure. The material is completely recyclable so there’s no additional burden on natural resources.

Our surfaces are 100% recyclable
Glazes can serve to color, decorate and waterproof the stone surface

The glazed lava stone surface

A closeup view of a lava stone tile demonstrates the benefits of glaze on lava as a protective coating for any kind of decor.The enamel layer: the stone is covered by a crystalline varnish and then fired. The enamel creates an impervious coating which is fused to the stone body. Through this type of glazing, the lava stone surface becomes unaffected by UV rays, is frost-resistant, waterproof and almost completely indestructible.For lava tiles which are to be used in places such as staircases and poolsides, nonslip glazes can be applied.The engobe is the layer underneath the enamel, a clay that blocks any small holes or imperfections within the stone.The stone: the volcanic stone is ideal for any outdoor features, e.g. swimming-pool coatings, thanks to its heat accumulation capacity.

Limitless glazing possibilities

Lava stone is a visionary stone: unconventional and multifaceted. It can be transformed from the grays of magma patterning into a striking spectrum of different glazes.
Glazes serve to color, decorate and waterproof the stone surface.
A ceramic glaze is an impervious layer of a vitreous substance which has been fused to the stone body through firing. Kiln firing increases the resistance of glazed stone surfaces – a key factor in indoor and outdoor furnishings. Glazing makes stone surfaces highly resistant and almost indestructible when exposed to water, chemicals, temperature fluctuations or UV light.

The magic of colors

With its lovely volcanic textures, lava stone is the most ideal design material as its surface can be colored and decorated with bespoke effects and patterns, creating exclusive pieces which range from from mosaic tiles to majestic furnishings.
Our lava stone color palette presents a wide range of glazes, amplified with opaque, matte, glossy, and craquelé effects.

Our handmade patterns

Not only glazed, lava stone can be decorated, with a special result, as patterns generate a dynamic whole where lava stone matter shades still play a key role.
In our factory, we have transferred the Vietri hand-painting techniques traditionally applied on terracotta onto volcanic stone. Lava is extracted, polished, and then sent to our decoration artisans, who combine the pureness of the material with imprints of diverse colors and artwork.
The lava is then baked at extremely high temperatures enhancing its resistance. The result is a strong and versatile glazed lava stone surface for a wide range of furnishings that are unattainable with terracotta – from tiles to wall claddings, from bar counters to kitchen tops, as well as durable stone for outdoor environments.

In our factory, we have transferred and enhanced the ancient Vietri hand-painting techniques
Decorated lava stone tiles are a special choice, both for its material and techniques

Our decorated surfaces

Our decorative lines have been designed for both small and large surfaces and formulated to create blanket effects and endless repetitions that work well on horizontal planes and vertical areas.
The patterns, inspired by geometries and fabrics, are remodelled with enamel glazing onto stone – a tribute to past designs that filter and combine traditions with new expressions.
Decorated lava stone tiles are a special choice, for both their material and decorative features.