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Ranieri thrives by artisans creating genuine Italian motifs, designs and glazes.
Telling their stories is essential in understanding our products.
In the Ranieri e-shop you can discover those stories and buy directly, in that way supporting our local enterprise.

Sustainable stone

100% recyclable natural volcanic stone

At Ranieri we live by the strong conviction that we can commit to building a sustainable society by delivering products that last a lifetime (and even longer). Respecting the environment comes naturally at Ranieri, since the environment is our most precious resource. We translate the material of lava stone into sustainable products that evoke emotion, that are not made to simply throw away. And even then the material is completely recyclable putting no extra burden on natural resources.

Bare lava

high-end finishes and textures

Lava Stone is a living, natural material, with a distinctive pure gray color, which finishing leaves intact while disclosing different shades from gray to brown, thus giving a range of tones for your design projects


applied by hand, the glaze changes the light refraction and makes each piece unique

Colored glazes have become Ranieri’s signature trademark.
Ranieri is the world’s only company producing glazed lava stone for high end, custom interior design.
Ranieri’s unique manual application of colored glazes elevates lava stone to a higher level.


drawings turn to stone enamel crystal, where lava stone matter shades still play a key role

We embrace the traditional art of Vietri ceramic hand-painting.
By transferring this precious heritage from ceramics to volcanic stone, we have turned it into something innovative and open to modern interior design trends, exploring contemporary styles and patterns.



since day one, out hearts and souls lay in the art of bespoke

Creating unique objects on demand is the very core of the Ranieri business. Due to the rarity of the material, the hand craftsmanship of the product and one-of-a-kind color glazing, lava stone embodies sophistication which drives its expensive value.



our ecosystem of solid pieces

 where the design code transcends the bounds of time and fashion, enhances the spectacular material through pure and geometrical shapes, brings forward colors and textures.

Patterned Tiles 

handcrafted premium patterns drawn on bare lava

A special collection for its material and techniques where the main characteristics are motifs suitable for private environments and the contract world.

Bar Tiles

the ultimate design experience

Our contribution to help property and architect firms in creating the ultimate design experience focuses on our glazed lava stone 3D tiles.
Highly adaptable solutions, able to transform, give character and rebrand your spaces.