Lava stone surfaces & applications


We are one of the largest Italian retailers and lava stone suppliers.
Contemporary, luxurious, custom-made and out-of-the-ordinary products – this is what we are doing.
To add more, all our products are made of ecologically friendly material.
With a broad product range to explore and a rich palette of colors and styles, our portfolio is truly extensive.

Why Lava stone?

100% Natural stone

Lava stone is 100% recyclable natural volcanic stone; a stone with multi-faceted possibilities for the high-end architectural and interior design market.
The compactness, graphic and chromatic patterning of lava stone bear precious traces of volcanic magma; they are a legacy of nature and can be enhanced with bespoke finishes.

Inspired by colors

With its lovely volcanic textures, lava rock is the ultimate design material as its surface can be colored by glazing at high temperatures.
Most noteworthy, lava stone can not only be colored but decorated with bespoke effects and patterns, ranging from mosaic tiles to majestic applications such as bar and kitchen counters to table tops.
This is why we love it!

Gorgeous for home decor

Great design lies in the details, and lava stone discloses its absolute value for home decors such as table tops, lights, vases, platters, and any other home furnishings as each stone product can be widely customized.
We can create original and made-to-measure interior design items through custom-cut shapes, glaze finishes and pattern finishes for any lava stone surface.

Skillful for design projects

Our expertise on the stone design principles and techniques and our long-term specialization as lava stone suppliers and consultants ensure that we have an accurate insight into the most challenging projects, partnering with design firms worldwide throughout the creative stages and the product-design stone based.

Focus on:

Customize your product

Lava surface is a multifaceted stone Lava stone is so versatile that it can be used with different materials – metal, wood, glass, textiles – to produce a unique design project. The matching of the natural stone with a variety of materials and textures enhances the possibility of custom and inspired designs, where you can add … Continue reading Customize your product → ...

Research your color

Color Matching Glazing offers countless possibilities to transform the lava stone surface into a bewildering palette of colors and a wide range of creative solutions.This inexhaustible process can be inspired by fashion and design ideas, and the gamut of styles and trends can be interpreted with new enamels, effects, and decorations.Our research on colors & … Continue reading Research your color → ...

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