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Becoming ever-more popular, are our range of 3D bar tiles and bar tops. With the use of 3D customization, a room is able to develop character.
Furthermore, our 3D tiles can be exaggerated by including other customizable elements such as glazing.
Our lava stone bar tile encapsulates all architectural & design requirements: originality, styling, functionality, and industrialization.
Our relief bar tiles are undoubtedly a favoured choice for restaurant bar counters, reception desk coverings, and bespoke pieces of furniture for the retail spaces.

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We provide assistance on your lava stone project, through the feasibility studies, the stone block carving and finishing, to the one-of-a-kind lava stone on-site installations.
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3D lava stone pieces come as modular stone elements that can be used for a variety of decor, such as walls, architraves, claddings, edges, bar counters, sideboards, and shop counters.
Put simply, 3D shapes are a staple in the current high-end design market. We at Ranieri would like to help you enhance your projects with these precious details.
Our 3D pieces, whether natural or glazed, reveal the charming beauty and mutable spirit of the volcanic stone, offering interior designers an advantage for their bespoke projects.

Bar Counters & Desks

Bespoke counters are undoubtedly the masterpiece of our lava stone 3D pieces.
Luxury restaurants, hotels, clubs and businesses rely on our exclusive, hard wearing bar tops and tiles, fully manufactured in our workshop, built to order for specific design preferences.
We offer a unique and professional service from the initial inquiry, throughout the design process until the installation of the finished product.

The making

The making of the 3D shaped tile, otherwise known as a relief tile, starts from obtaining a suitably sized stone block. It is semi-shaped before the intended design is roughed out with mechanical carving.
After that, the designed shape is manually chiseled into the stone tile.
Artisans make their own decision about using the correct tools which will influence the final outcome of the stone tile.

The making of the bar counter for White Marmot Restaurant & Bar, St Moritz.
Custom 3D claddings, ready to be enameled.
The making of the bar counter for White Marmot Restaurant & Bar, St Moritz. The glazing process.

The glazing

3D pieces can be finished in gray, brown, or glazed.
Glazing can add a unique look to the tile: the enamels palette enhances 3D shapes as certain shapes change the intensity of the colors which give illusions of depth to surfaces.
To be noted: glazing dramatically increases the resistance of the surface of the tile.

The bar top modular shaping

Among our bar tiles: Bambu

Our Bambu tile’s unique shape has erupted amongst the lava stone and ceramics sector. It’s notably popular for the corrugated effect that is created when the tiles are placed together.

Among our bar tiles: Onda

Undoubtedly, the most iconic bar tile amongst all. The Onda tile is concaved with straight edges, displaying a half-piped end product. Famously named “Onda” as the architect behind the design stated that it reminded him of his trip to Amalfi. Onda is the Italian word for “wave”, and therefore through this iconic shape we were further able to demonstrate the natural beauty that Italy has to offer.

The Four Seasons Surfside, Miami. The bar counter
Lindt & Sprüngli Café, Zurich
The round washand basins in Lindt Garderobe

Furniture systems

Our profound knowledge of 3D stone shaping can lead to custom-made fittings for showrooms, shops and workspaces.
Our bespoke furniture is designed with features which are both aesthetically attractive and functional – an essential factor for all design sectors.

Display counters

We are experts in manufacturing and installing precision-made and fully bespoke retail store counter systems, such as display counters and servery counters for retail and food outlets.

Display counters, Le Bon Marché, Paris.

The bar tile collection

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