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Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica
With unrivaled techniques and lava stone expertise, Ranieri offers extensive customization and bespoke project development, assisting clients to explore the new world of possibilities that Ranieri has innovated, and to devise and fabricate boundary-pushing creations in volcanic stone. Every piece of lava is unique, the result of a moment of volcanic formation preserved in rock.

Visionary Bespoke Service

Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica

Crafting lava at its workshop at the foot of Vesuvius, Ranieri brings together the supreme artisanship of Naples’ centuries-long volcanic stone tradition with a contemporary vision of design that exalts the material’s natural form.

Expert in project and contract design as well as installation, Ranieri provides the most thorough and visionary bespoke service to help clients create environments using lava as it’s never been seen before, harnessing the power of its natural beauty to design distinctive tiles and wall claddings, bars, reception desks, bathroom fixtures, furniture, and more.

With its acumen in building, Ranieri goes beyond design to construct and execute projects, ensuring that every collaboration is skillfully and properly completed by artisans of the highest caliber.

Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica

coloring lava

Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica

Ranieri, the world’s premier laboratory of experimentation with lava, collaborates with architects, designers, project managers, and other professionals to allow them to imagine new cutting-edge designs in lava exploring fresh territories of cut, color, and form, with a mastery of the volcanic stone, and a wider palette of Vietri-style glazes than is possible with other materials — an unrivaled ability with lava that’s made Ranieri the choice for extraordinary projects for the artist Olafur Eliasson, the Four Seasons Miami, Massimo Bottura’s Ristorante Francescana, and many others.

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With extensive customization and contract services as well, Ranieri offers its acumen and experience to further foster creative design and an array of capabilities unique to lava stone — new techniques that enable lava stone to convey its singular volcanic characteristics, using novel cuts, edges and profile applications, and exalting the material’s mineral-flecked and elementally varied composition. A philosophy that prizes nature guides Ranieri’s aesthetic and technical innovations, as well as its ecological treatment of this precious volcanic resource.

to complete the product, Ranieri offers six different types of edges to frame the surfaces

in particular: Sharp, a cutting and precise edge; Round, with softer and organic curves; Cut, an artistic and elegant interpretation of imprecision; Bevelled, raising the surface into an even more three-dimensional effect; Tapered, pointed towards the top; 45°, ending in a dynamic angle.


The edges can also be kept Cover-Less or treated in Covered-Up, giving life to different finishes and treatments.

Ranieri Lavastone - Pietra Lavica

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Impressive range and depth of stone applications we achieved by partnering with global design firms