Patterned surfaces

/ Patterns Engraved In The Stone With Premium Handmade Decorative Techniques

Our patterns are engraved in the stone with premium handmade decorative techniques, offering our clients a wide selection of multiple looks and applications.

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How we decorate

Our handmade tecniques embellish your one-of-a-kind surfaces

In the factory, we have transferred the Vietri hand-painting techniques, traditionally applied on terracotta tiles, onto volcanic stone transforming the designs to incredibly strong, resistant and versatile decor.
This set of skills turned out to be an amazing resource during the creative stages of bespoke pattern projects, where light and elegant shapes intertwine to create decorative paths enhancing the essence of the lava, still visible under the color.

Wellness & Spa design. Wall cladding with big sized lava stone tiles and metal pattern
Outdoor patio decor: the volcanic stone floor tiles are adorned with a vintage SQUAREWAVES pattern
the retail store wall design acquires a fresh yet refined youthful look in the tints of Silver White, Dusty Turquoise, Rain Blue
the retail space is decorated with a continuum endless carpet tile solution

Patterned surfaces

The decorative pattern can be applied to small and large surfaces, up to 300 cm length, to create carpet effects and endless repetitions that work well on horizontal planes and vertical areas.
Our XL format slabs are turned into stunning decorative surfaces for architects and designers, available as wall and floor cladding, table tops and retail counter cladding: that matches the spirit of each environment.

The pattern interplay between table tops (Pied de Poule, Tempo) and wall cladding (45 Dots)