Bar Tiles

Our contribution to help property and architect firms in creating the ultimate design experience focuses on our glazed lava stone 3D tiles

A great feature of our material comes from the fact that it is a natural stone from volcanic origins that allow cutting-edge designs.
With the use of 3D customization, and glazing finishing, any design project acquire boldness.
Each 3D lava stone furniture is handcrafted by experienced professionals who are keen on details: our 3D tiles, in addition to offering with wide-range shapes, are glazed one by one, thus meaning that you will get a huge choice on color matching and glazing effects.

Beside being markedly original, our 3D lava stone tiles are highly adaptable solutions, able to transform, give character and rebrand your spaces.
There are plenty of options to choose among our 3D pieces, a collection of reliable products that offer durability & support, visual appeal, and quality craftsmanship.
Our relief bar tiles are undoubtedly an elective choice for restaurant bar counters, reception desks coverings, piece of furniture and wall cladding for the retail and for the home interiors.
We are constantly creating 3D shaped pieces, and here you will find our best choice of 3D lava stone tiles.
Our specialized team can assist through the shopping experience, ensuring that you can take advantage of the incredible versatility of our 3D pieces, and get the best result.


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